Our meat cases are filled with high quality fresh cuts of meat.  You’re sure to find something to please your taste buds! Need a special cut of meat, ideas or preparation suggestions, just ask one of our knowledgeable butchers. They will be happy to assist you with all of your requests.


BEEF – 1855 Brand Premium Black Angus

Certified Black Angus Beef

1855 Black Angus Beef is dedicated to a singular purpose – to consistently deliver high quality flavorful beef to elite retailers. Following traditions and standards that began in 1855 with our founder, Gustavus F. Swift, providing high quality beef is a passion that we continue today.

Ideal marbling, bright cherry red coloring and fine texturing … that’s what you can expect from your neighborhood Ski’s Meat Market beef selection.

All of our beef products are 1855 Brand Premium Black Angus.  Only 13% of all cattle qualify for the 1855 Black Angus brand.  Our premium brand, 1855, is only available in fine establishments. This top-of-the-line beef comes from a distinguished herd of cattle. This herd consistently produces the most tender, juicy and flavorful beef.  Our 1855 beef selections are aged a minimum of 14 days for maximum tenderness, another key element to an incredible dining experience.
Experience for yourself; the unforgettable, deliciously tender, juicy beef cuts that our customers demand and receive at Ski’s with consistency second to none.


PORK – Sterling Silver Premium Pork


From a casual dinner with family to an elaborate meal for your friends, there’s hardly anything more enjoyable than the moment they savor that juicy bite. With Sterling Silver Premium Pork, you’re guaranteed an abundance of those moments. That’s because our premium pork is held to the highest levels of quality and consistency, delivering tender, juicy bites every time.

Ski’s Meat Market carries only Sterling Silver Premium Pork.  Raised in the heart of pork country on Midwest farms, all Sterling Silver Premium Pork cuts are hand-selected and color-graded  to ensure premium quality and delicious, juicy flavor.  Sterling Silver Pork has 50% more marbling and is 36% more tender than regular pork.  It just doesn’t get any better. Sterling Silver All-Natural Premium Pork is 100 percent natural, with no added hormones, preservatives or additives of any kind.

http://www.bellandevans.com/  http://www.bellandevans.com/

POULTRY – Bell & Evans Chicken

Following through with Ski’s policy of quality, we proudly sell Bell & Evans Chicken.  Customers rave about the juiciness and tenderness of our B & E Chicken.  All B & E chickens are raised without antibiotics throughout their life.  They receive no antibiotics and no growth hormones in the feed, the water or even the egg…. EVER.  They are fed an all-vegetarian diet; no animal by-products! 
B & E uses a slow chill process that is more effective in tenderizing the meat.  Since their chickens do not depend on ice water for chilling, the chicken’s natural juices are not diluted in, or replaced by the water in a conventional water chiller.  While in these conventional chillers, chickens may absorb 7 to 8% of their body weight in added water – and that may contain chlorine. 


You won’t be able to miss what Ski’s is most known for – our homemade sausage selection.  Sausages are being made fresh DAILY by our butchers and are a customer favorite.  For a real treat, try them with a pretzel bun made right here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  New brats are always in the works so keep an eye out for new flavors.

Did you know:

Ski’s brats are handmade, hand twisted
Ski’s brats contain NO MSG or Preservatives
Ski’s brats are 100% fresh; NEVER frozen
Never, Ever boil Ski’s brats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!