We are proud to offer the freshest salmon in the entire state. Our King and Coho salmon from Triad Fisheries in Alaska are line caught with the boat trolling at the same speed as the fish. The salmon is processed within minutes of being captured and then frozen right on board the boat to -30 degrees Fahrenheit or colder. 

You just won’t find salmon any fresher than this.                                             
Triad Fisheries' small family-owned and operated boats process the fish manually on board immediately after catch. The salmon is bled and placed in the -40 F freezers within 90 minutes. Each salmon is then hand dipped in seawater, creating a protective glaze. The decks are sanitized after each 20 fish are caught and processed. Bacteria counts are kept low.

Thanks to this pristine handling, Japanese fish buyers have long revered Bruce Gore salmon and purchased it faithfully for their fastidious sushi chefs.Because the fish is frozen at -40 F, any parasites are killed and the fish is safe for raw consumption. This makes Bruce Gore salmon an excellent choice for classic European-style raw salmon dishes such as cold smoked salmon, gravlax, tartare and pickled salmon.

Wild Alaskan salmon feed voraciously in Gulf of Alaska; therefore they are inherently rich in heart healthy omega three fatty acids. The Triad fishermen troll slowly off shore and target the species at the peak of their development.The company's unique hook-and-line method causes minimal stress on the fish, zero bruising, and no incidental by catch.
Each fish caught by Triad Fisheries is tagged on the boat, a unique step implemented by Gore many years ago. Today, it ensures that the Triad fisherman take ownership for their work and all Bruce Gore fish are traceable to the source.

Bruce Gore salmon is shipped frozen, which allows the fish to be transported by barge from Alaska to Seattle. This slower mode of transport produces 90 to 99% less carbon dioxide emission than air transport and results in a small footprint on the environment.

The seafood case offers new items daily, some being seasonal.  From crab cakes, halibut, scallops and cod to cold water lobster tails and king crab legs, we have the makings for a delicious appetizer or meal.   Stop in to see what is in today’s case.

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