We have all of your tailgating needs.  Stop in at Ski's for brats, steaks, beer and cheese.

The party starts well before kickoff for Green Bay fans. The pre-game tailgating tradition has a little something for everyone: food, beer, music, and a level of adrenaline that keeps the whole crowd abuzz. These types of festivities bring out the glutton in everyone. In addition to their spirited environments, tailgates are also home to some of the most delicious foods America has to offer. With everything from brats to cheese curds to steaks, you’re sure to find something that suits your palate before game time.


Wisconsin’s heavily German roots play a large part in the culinary endeavors that go on inside and outside Green Bay’s stadium. This is the football’s answer to Oktoberfest: The grills here are replete with beer brats, cheese curds, German beers, and every kind of cheese you can imagine.  Green Bay's tailgaters know how to take their partying pretty seriously.